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About Taya

Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955. For over 50 years now, our diligent, hard-working employees have been a crucial part of the company's success. Together we have begun new undertakings, moving Ta Ya toward greater operational diversity. Looking toward the future, we will continue to expand our efforts and work with greater numbers of related parties to build a sustainable tomorrow.

The Ta Ya Management Philosophy: Transcendence, Compatibility, Prudence, Innovation

Since its founding, transcendence and compatibility have been the corporate values driving Ta Ya's management and employees in their search for greater perfection in products, services, and management. We believe a company is a living entity, one in which the fruits of success should be shared, and we have worked to make our enterprise a trusted part of society. At the same time, as we move into the 21st century, changes in industry and the natural environment have intensified, bringing corporate social responsibility to the fore. More than ever, we try to act on the watchwords of prudence and innovation as we and our employees take pragmatic steps to create greater enterprise value while giving back to our society.
Our shared values:

  1. Transcendence: We focus aggressively on progress. Our workforce continues to learn and grow, expanding their professional capabilities, management know-how, and skill sets. We continue to upgrade and improve in the core areas of product quality, processes and techniques, cost control, and service quality.
  2. Compatibility: We value mutual respect, interaction, and unified teamwork. That means that as we work together toward sustainable management, our success is shared with our entire workforce, while also benefiting our customers, shareholders, business partners, and the society as a whole.
  3. Prudence: Acting on the principle of good faith, we work with a pragmatic and responsible attitude. We stress results, efficiency, attention to detail, and effective implementation as the criteria by which we measure all of our actions.
  4. Innovation: Innovation is the force that drives our growth. We constantly reflect on our progress and plan ahead with foresight and vision. We not only respond to change, we actively strive for it, and willingly bear risks that arise because we have made thorough and careful assessments.
Our mission: Enlightened employees, satisfied customers, positive shareholders, and a pristine homeland.

Our strategy for enterprise development combines innovation with corporate social responsibility, as we work to help create happier workers, satisfied customers, appreciative shareholders, and a beautiful homeland environment.

Our vision: To become the most trusted name in Taiwan's electric wire and cable industry by the year 2015.

This is the standard to which we hold ourselves: To become the most trusted name in Taiwan in the electric wire and cable industry!

  1. For our customers, we push ourselves to engage in continuing innovation and development, so that we can provide products and services with the greatest value to the customer (in terms of quality, cost, speed, delivery, and flexibility).
  2. For our employees, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment, and to establishing a fair and open system of human resource development. This places employees in the positions for which they are best suited and fulfills their needs for participation and advancement.
  3. For our shareholders, we maintain our steady, honest, and reliable approach, planning our operations with vision and foresight and observing strict corporate governance practices. We manage company assets responsibly and provide shareholders with stable growth in profits.
  4. For our society, we uphold the ideal of sharing our operating successes, and our concern for our community and society is an ongoing commitment. At the same time, our professional capabilities in research, development, and manufacturing aid us in engaging with important environmental and natural resource issues.



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